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Gemma Cosgrove-Ball

Gemma Cosgrove-Ball is a freelance, surface pattern designer specialising in textile design and illustration for children and baby wear. Her key style of engaging, fun, colourful hand-drawn graphics is contemporary and commercial making it loved by independent and national retailers alike. 

In the Making

Gemma uses a range of techniques including acrylic painting, ink drawing, mark making, photography and digital processes to make a range of patterns and illustrations that are visually engaging and unique. The flow, feel and colour pallet of her work gives her an instantly recognisable brand feel that is commercial yet artistic in its approach. 

Customers & Clients

Customers & Clients

Design & Illustration for Brands, Publications, and People

Gemma’s growing product range currently includes baby and children’s apparel, nursery wallpaper,  fabric collections, children’s gifts, printed shoe design and greetings cards for an array of clients. Gemma has an extensive seasonal portfolio of available designs and can undertake projects and commissions to suit any brief.


Gemma studied BA Textile design at Birmingham city university. On completing her degree she worked in a number of roles within the industry, gaining extensive design skills and experience with British high street brands. She has now taken these accomplished skills and knowledge and merged this into her creative studio practice.



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